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At Night In Dreams

"At Night in Dreams" by White Denim // Corsicana Lemonade (Out 10.29.13 via White Denim Music)

In a few weeks, White Denim will drop their new album, “Corsicana Lemonade” and the world will be filled with the killer grooves that blast out of the band’s soulful rock jams. In the meantime, they’ve offered up another taster for those laying in wait. “At Night in Dreams” is an explosion of guitar rock goodness that sounds like some 1974 alternate history jam session between Thin Lizzy and Stevie Wonder, as fired through a Tame Impala filter. It’s a wildly infectious jam, and one that is a soulful reminder that not all of the great albums of 2013 have been released just yet. Highly recommended.