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Night School - Birthday

"Birthday" by Night School // Heart Beat (Out 10.7.14 via Graveface Records)

Savannah’s Graveface Records is one of my go-to places for consistently impressive releases. The past couple of years have been damn near flawless and their next release is right up there with some of their best. Night School is a Northern California based 3 piece fronted by Lexy Morte (formerly of Whirr, Camera Shy), that gathers inspiration from 60’s girl groups, garage rock, post-punk, and shoegaze to create an incredible audio experience that’s pure gold. On first single, “Birthday”, you get fuzzed-up garage pop noise cascading off of dreamy shoegaze atmospherics, bundled together by gorgeous pop harmonies that stay in your head for days. You can certainly believe that Night School is high on my list of most anticipated released of the fall. 

Whirr - Mumble

"Mumble" by Whirr // Sway (Out 9.23.14 via Graveface Records)

Graveface has been on an absolute streak this year, already having released two of my favorites of the entire year (Haley Bonar's “Last War” & The Casket Girls “True Love Kills the Fairy Tale”). Now, in a couple of months they’ll be releasing another contender in the form of Whirr's Sway. If the new single, “Mumble” is any indication, it’s going to be an exciting collection. What stands out for me immediately about “Mumble” is that Whirr are creating a sound that has been missing in my life for a while - richly textured shoegaze-y, space rock. Sure, it can be labeled as all sorts of things, but for me it reminds me of favorites of the past like Failure’s Fantastic Planet, as well as current loves like Alcest's Shelter. It’s a heavier sound than you usual get here at PMW, but it’s a fantastic and rewarding sound all the same. I can’t wait to hear more. 

Miserable – Bell Jar

"Bell Jar" by Miserable // Halloween Dream (Out 2.18.14 via The Native Sound)

Miserable is Kristina Esfandiari, the former vocalist for the Bay-area shoegaze crew, Whirr. Now, set out on her own, the artist has stepped away from the direct shoegaze sound and moved toward an evocative blend of drone, goth rock, and post punk. “Bell Jar” is a pitch black journey through shadow-y atmospherics, tribal drums, piercing guitars, and haunting vocals. The track is contained on her forthcoming EP, entitled Hallowee Dream, and the name is fitting. This is heavy, spooky music that calls to mind the early work of Chelsea Wolfe and Empyrium