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THE TAKE-AWAY SHOWS // A List of Favorite Performances


For the past several years, Vincent Moon and La Blogatheque have been presenting music fans with the wonderful series, The Take-Away Shows. For the uninitiated, the series collects off the cuff performances from musicians in varying places - often acoustic, sometimes in the middle of the street. Major stars in the indie world have graced the Take-Away Shows as well as lesser known underground acts, resulting in some incredible, intimate performances and inspiring dozens of imitators in the process. 

The series is not going away or celebrating any milestone, but it’s the end of the year and as things slow down a little bit, I thought it would be a good time to shine a light on an old favorite of mine and present a short list of my favorite performances from The Take-Away Shows. The list skews a little heavy to the earlier years, but that doesn’t mean that they series is getting weak in it’s later years - it’s just that those early performances had a strong impact on me as a fan and I’d like to share some of those moments years later.So click through to see my fifteen favorite performances from Vincent Moon’s The Take-Aways Shows.

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17 (Youth Lagoon Cover)

"17" by Astronauts, Etc // Originally by Youth Lagoon (2013)

Recently Youth Lagoon announced his forthcoming sophomore album and we got to hear a taster in the form of the track, "Dropla". Also recently, Anthony Farraro’s wonderful project Astronauts, Etc. released his version of an older Youth Lagoon track, called “17”. Both artists are primed to have big years, but I have to admit that it’s the recent Soundcloud output from Astronauts, Etc. that has my interest piqued the most. This take on “17’ is further proof that Farraro is onto something special. This version shifts the original’s subtle, bedroom pop whisper to something more pronounced and raw. Ferraro’s raw, exposed vocals sound like a young Stephin Merritt and the haunting, droning synth that flows behind him as a delicate piano accompanies him create a dreamy beauty that not only rivals the original, but in my personal opinion, improves upon it. Highest possible recommendation.