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Prism Song by Julie Byrne

"Prism Song" by Julie Byrne // Rooms with Walls and Windows (Out 1.21.14 via Orindale)

I’m unfamiliar with Julie Byrne's work, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be on the lookout from here on out. “Prism Song” is a gently flowing acoustic beauty that deals in fairy tale imagery and melancholic personal heartache. It's a piece of music that feels lived in and worn in all of the right places - like your favorite sweater, left to keep you warm under cold blue stars. It's a wonderful song from an artist to watch for in 2014. Check out more at Byrne's Soundcloud page. Highly recommended for fans of Sharon Van Etten, Devendra Banhart, and Mountain Man

In Search of the Miraculous

"In Search of the Miraculous" by Mark McGuire // Along the Way (2013 via Inpartment Inc.)

Mark McGuire is an artist that always seems to pop up with something new just when I’ve stopped obsessing over his previous release. His work with Emeralds is amazing work, but his solo work is the stuff that keeps me coming back. Which is probably good, because he’s no longer a member of Emeralds. At any rate, McGuire’s brand of ethereal ambient/drone has developed into something extraordinary these past few years, and this new track, “In Search of the Miraculous” from the forthcoming album, "Along the Way", is itself, “miraculous”. The track is a shimmering, widescreen slice of psych pop layered with otherwordly vocals and guitars that shift and warp, flowing together in a way that feels like fantasy, but it’s real and you can hit “repeat” as much as you like. It’s really wonderful stuff. Highest recommendation for fans of Emeralds, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, and Skyramps