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Waking Dream -Single - Dali

"Waking Dream" by Dali // Waking Dream - Single (2014 // Out Now via Bandcamp)

Buffalo based singer/songwriter, Dali, has released a new single that captures the feel of Autumn from the first strum of guitar. “Waking Dream” is a haunting, hypnotic bit of dream-folk built around Dali’s hypnotic, airy vocals and a chilly, melancholic guitar loop that is as eerie as it is beautiful. The track floats by like a dream half remembered, ethereal and mysterious, but mostly just captivating as all hell. Fans of Warpaint, Widowspeak, and Angel Olsen will find plenty to love here. You can grab the track now at Bali’s Bandcamp page. Highest recommendation;

Perturbator - Hard Wired (Feat. Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic)

"Hard Wired (ft. Isabella Goloversic)" by Perturbator // Dangerous Days (Available Now on Bandcamp)

I must be slipping. Halloween is seven weeks away and I have yet to start posting songs that would make great additions to a Haunted Mixtape (it kills you with synth vibes, apparently - coming soon to your local cinema). Anyway, let’s go ahead and get to work. The retrosynth pop sounds of Paris based artist, Perturbator, would be perfect for any neon-goth dance party, or the soundtrack for a particularly creepy 80’s horror film, but instead it’s going to be the sound of your chilly autumn nights. “Hard Wired” is a track from his recently released full length, Dangerous Days, and it is a brilliant piece of work. Sounding something like what I would imagine a band made up of John Carpenter, M83, and Johnny Jewel, and you’re just about there. Beautiful, ice-y synths shimmer beneath a neon-hued heartbeat that pulsates alongside ghostly choral backing vocals. The track also features vocal assistance from Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic. I could go on, but that would only delay the pleasure of hearing this stunner. Highest recommendation!

"Put Your Number in My Phone" by Ariel Pink // Pom Pom (Out 11.18.14 via 4AD)

It’s an Ariel Pink kind of day, i guess. In addition to his fantastic collaboration with Ex Cops, today Pink announced his first “solo” full length release, the double album, Pom Pom, which will be his first not credited to the Haunted Graffiti. The first single is the immediately lovely psych pop gem, “Put Your Number In My Phone”. The track finds Pink dabbling in 60’s tinged UK psych pop and late 80’s era vibed jangle pop, which both are right in his wheelhouse and it shows in this excellent single. It’s looking like this autumn is going to sound a lot like Ariel Pink, and that’s not a bad thing in the least. 

Tragically Alright (feat. Ariel Pink)

"Tragically Alright (ft. Ariel Pink)" by Ex Cops // Daggers (Out 10.28.14 via Downtown Records)

It’s been pretty incredible hearing the evolution of Brooklyn’s Ex Cops over the past few years. From hearing their early tracks which drifted between electro-tinged dream pop and hazy lo-fi to their current work in melodically rich amalgamations of post punk, lo-fi, and guitar pop - every step has been confident and exciting. Now, as the band preps it’s new full length, they drop one of their best tracks yet - an infectious slice of dark pop that features Ariel Pink and sounds like some wonderful imaginary session between the Beach Boys and The Jesus and Mary Chain. It’s a killer track and a great reason to be looking forward to the end of October when their new album Daggers finds it way to release. 

"Give Us a Kiss" by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds // Give Us a Kiss 10” b/w Jubilee Street (Out 11.10.14 via Bad Seed LTD)

Over the years, I have find myself drawn more and more to the work of Nick Cave. Which is odd, because I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it’s more that as I’ve grown and matured, I’ve continually revisited the man’s work and with each new trip back through the catalog, I find more layers to get lost within. At this stage, I’m as big a fan of Cave’s writing (lyrics, novels, screenplays, all of it) as I am of his musical output. All that being said, it’s always with great excitement that I take in new material. Last year’s haunting Push the Sky Away, continues to find it’s way into my heavy rotation, and now a previously unreleased b-side from those sessions has made it’s way out. Once again, I am completely floored. “Give Us a Kiss” finds Cave and the Bad Seeds working within those same ghostly ballads that populated Push the Sky Away, but it’s by no means a retread. This is pure Cave. The composition is fairly minimal, with hushed strings barely illuminating the soft bass line and eerie electronic flourishes that sound like a ghost zipping by at high speed. Of course, the track is anchored by Cave’s commanding sing/speak vocals and the ghostly imagery in which he tells his story. It’s a stunner. I can’t say enough good things. Highly recommended.

Eternal Death - Fade

"Fade" by Eternal Death // Fade - Single (Out 9.30.14 via Labrador Records)

With a name like Eternal Death, you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t immediately expect a slice of darker-than-life black metal. Luckily, you’d be completely wrong, as “Fade” from Sweden’s Eternal Death (courtesy of the always reliable Labrador Records) sounds more like Robyn fronting the darkwave band, Trust. Thinking about that combination for a second should give you all of the excitement you’d need to press play, but if you need a breakdown, I can do that as well. On “Fade”, Eternal Death manages to whip together an ethereal dance track that glimmers with a heartbroken energy that will keep you moving even when you want to just explore the track’s melancholic nature. Highest recoomendation!

"Happy Idiot" by TV on the Radio // Seeds (Out 11.18.14 via 4AD)

TV on the Radio recently announced that they would be dropping a new full length on November 18th. Naturally, that news was greeted with much excitement, and now a couple of weeks later, we’ve got another reason to get excited - the release of new single, “Happy Idiot”. A lot has changed in popular music since TVOTR’s last album, Nine Types of Light. If “Happy Idiot” is any indication, then I would be willing to say that TVOTR haven’t bothered to experiment in those blog-approved flavors of the month. “Happy Idiot” is pure TVOTR, and that’s something to be excited about. The track feels like a return to form actually - sounding more Dear Science than Nine Types of Light. The band still maintains their singular sound, which explodes with urgency and textured layers of instrumentation. I’m dying to hear more from Seeds, but I’ll just have to settle for the brilliant “Happy Idiot” for the time being, and that’s not too bad a way to spend some time.

blue moon

"Blue Moon" by California Carpool // Blue Moon - Single (2014 - Free Download via Soundcloud)

Brighton based musician, Isaac Ide, is the man behind California Carpool and if he’s got more work like “Blue Moon” in store for us, it’s a pretty safe bet that California Carpool will become a regular in these parts. “Blue Moon” is a tight slice of lo-fi post punk that manages to sound ominous and inviting all at once. In fact, the track may be just the right kind of sounds to usher in the autumn days. There is somethign special about this track and you’re in luck because you can download it for free from the band’s Soundcloud. Highly recommended for fans of Craft Spells, Belong, and The Snow.

Love Inks - Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass

"Shoot 100 Panes of Glass" by Love Inks // Exi (Out 9.8.14 via Republic of Music)

The Austin based minimalists, Love Inks, are proof positive that less-is-more can be extremely effective. Here, on the trios new single, “Shoot 100 Panes of Glass”, they need little more than a steady bass rhythm, a hushed drum sample that mimics an elevated heartbeat, and a sparse, shimmering strike of guitar, to set in place a sound that calls to mind both the potently simplistic work of The XX, and the quieter, experimental vibe of Kid A/Amnesiac era Radiohead. Of course, that’s not mentioning the sweetly, airy and confident vocal delivery from frontwoman, Shelly LeBlanc, which is certainly as good a reason as any to fall in love with “Shoot 100 Panes of Glass”. 

"Dangerous Days" by Zola Jesus // Dir. Tim Saccenti

This fall sees the release of a new album from Zola Jesus, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been incredible to see the evolution of Nika Roza Danilova's musical project from start till now. Of course, it's never easy to anticipate her next move, but after hearing “Dangerous Days” earlier this summer, it's very easy to be excited by the promise of new material. In the meantime, we can marvel at Tim Saccenti's stunning new music video for the album's fist single. Enjoy.

Parrot DreamSound & Light

"Sound and Light" by Parrot Dream // Set Sail Someday EP (Available Now via Bandcamp)

Sometimes you  just need one track to launch a mini-obsession. That’s definitely the case here with Parrot Dream, the young New York based trio and their gorgeous track, “Sound & Light”. The song kicks off the band’s debut EP, and sets the pace for a stellar collection of dreamwave gems. Parrot Dream layer warm, steady guitars with majestic synth lines and airy, melodic vocals to build a sound that alternates between sun-draped daydream and hazy lullaby. Think about The Sundays crossed with Beach Fossils and you’re almost there. It’s a wonderful sound, and you can sample and purchase now at the band’s Bandcamp page. Highly recommended. 

Invisible Arguments

"Invisible Arguments" by Ballerina Black // Injureless EP (Free Download Now via Soundcloud)

The Los Angeles based post-punk quartet, Ballerina Black, are in the process of prepping the release of their new full length, and in the lead-up they are sharing b-sides and demos cut over the past couple of years. Up first is the gorgeous, shadowy ballad, “Invisible Arguments”. On this track, the band shifts gears into more of a glimmering slice of new wave balladry that feels like it could have been some massive hit from an alternate universe where The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees were the biggest bands of the 80’s. That’s not saying that the song sounds dated. Not at all in fact. It’s actually one of the best tracks that I’ve ever heard from the band, and I’m a big fan. You can grab a free HQ download of the track from the band’s Soundcloud page. Be sure to check back on that page for a new b-side every week until the new album drops. Highest recommendation!

Real Estate - Linger // AV Undercover

"Linger" by Real Estate // Originally by The Cranberries (AV Undercover / Series 5)

This is just a case of two of my favorite things crossing paths. Real Estate stopped into the AV Club recently for an episode of AV Undercover and they chose one of my all time favorite songs to cover, “Linger” by the Cranberries. They don’t mess with the formula at all, but that’s a great thing as the song ends up sounding like it could be one of Real Estate’s own gems. You can see the video of the band performance at AV Undercover

The Twilight Sad - There's A Girl In The Corner

"There’s a Girl in the Corner" by The Twilight Sad // Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave (Out Soon via Fat Cat Records)

It’s been a couple of years since we last heard new material from The Twilight Sad, so the release of a new single in anticipation of a new, forthcoming LP, is great news. What’s even better is that “There’s a Girl in the Corner” finds the band at their absolute best. The new track doesn’t shy away from the heavy emotional weight of many of the band’s best songs, but it does deliver those emotions in a stalking, ominous sound built on an eerie piano refrain and a focused, heavy drum beat. It’s a gorgeous autumnal sound, and the shadowy tone makes it all the more intriguing. Highest recommendation. 

Man On The Coast

"Man On the Coast" by Seatraffic // Beauty in the Night (Out 9.14.14 // Self-Released)

It’s been a little while since I’d checked in on Seatraffic, and as luck would have it, they’ve got a new track for me to get excited about. “Man on the Coast” finds the band in top form - a shimmering synth pop beauty with a widescreen cinematic feel and featuring a big festival-ready sing-a-long vocal. This is Seatraffic at their most anthemic and it’s a sound that suits them well. Highest recommendation.