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Give Me Your Love

"Give Me Your Love" by Gateway Drugs // Give Me Your Love - Single (Out Now via Bandcamp)

It’s Summer time, so it’s always a good time for some neon-hued synth pop to help soundtrack your nights out under city lights (or by a bonfire, if you find yourself in rural parts). Cape Town, South Africa’s Gateway Drugs might have exactly the kind of energy that you’re looking for with their new single, “Give Me Your Love”. The track is absolutely infectious and despite being a chilled synth pop song, the warm vocals and muted percussion are absolutely inviting and feel like the perfect warm up to a night bouncing from bars to dance floors and all things between. It’s a sound that will appeal to fans of Johnny Jewel's Italians Do It Better Label, or hell, just about anyone who likes pretty music with a synth pop pulse. Keep an eye on Gateway Drugs. They're definitely a band to watch.

Dreamers ft Phoebe Lou

"Dreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)" by Hopium // Dreamers - Single (2014)

Go ahead and check the box marked “obsessed” for me on this one. All it took was one listen for me to cozy up to “Dreamers”, the new single by the Melbourne based, production duo, Hopium, and featuring Phoebe Lou (formerly of Snakadaktal). After a pretty incredible debut single ("Cut"), Hopium absolutely shattered my expectations with this ghostly electro pop stunner. Imagine Active Child and Purity Ring collaborating on a haunting tale of promises broken and opportunities squandered. This is easily one of the best tracks to come down the line in months. It’s safe to say that Hopium is onto something really special here. I can’t wait to hear more. 

The Best Thing (Electric Youth)

"The Best Thing" by Life Model // Originally by Electric Youth (2014)

If you’re in the market for something super pretty, shoegaze-y, and vaguely familiar - I’ve got the song for you. The Glasgow based dream pop crew, Life Model, have an achingly beautiful take on the neon-hued, synth pop gem, “The Best Thing” by Electric Youth. The track has been floating around for a few months now, but only recently found it’s way to my ears (thanks to reader’s suggestion) and that is where it’s stayed the past few hours. Life Model has a handful of wonderful originals that you should also be spending time with, but for today - “The Best Thing” is a pretty wonderful place to start. 

Sleepy Kisser FINAL

"Sleepy Kisser" Nomenclatures // Sleepy Kisser - Soundcloud (Available Now)

The St. Paul based project, Nomenclatures has been quietly dropping haunting bedroom pop beauties on Bandcamp for a little over a year now. It’s a short but sweet catalog to spend some time getting lost in, but sometimes the real gems take a little while to port over from the artist’s Soundcloud page, and his recent (and one of his best songs yet) gem, “Sleepy Kisser” is just such a track. A melancholic folk beauty filtered through a ghostly dream pop filter, “Sleepy Kisser” is the kind of track that can cause obsessions. It’s been Soundcloud for all of half a day and I feel like I’ve listened to it 30 times myself (i suppose Soundcloud doesn’t count a listen until the track hits its end spot, because that track has been hear more than it says). At any rate, it’s an ominous beauty that you should be listening to right now, so please give it a shot and be sure to follow the artist’s Bandcamp & Soundcloud pages. They’re all golden. 


"Cold" by Prince Innocence // Cold - Single (Out Now via Pretty Pretty Records)

As Prince Innocence readies their eventual debut album, they’ve gone ahead and done the world a solid and dropped a stellar single to tide us over for a while. “Cold” is an apt name for the track as it’s chilly delivery of icy synths and airy vocals help put bring to kind autumn nights under cold gray stars - which, given the absurd heat that’s likely filling your days, is about as nice an escape as you’re likely to get for a couple of months. Prince Innocence has fast become one of my favorite young bands and after the near perfect synth pop beauty, “Dissipate” from last year, “Cold’ is another reminder that the Toronto duo are real deal and I couldn’t be more excited for a full length. 

Honeyblood - (I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here

"(I’d Rather Be) Anywhere But Here" by Honeyblood // Honeyblood (Out 7.15.14 via Fat Cat)

It feels like it’s been forever waiting for the release of Glasgow duo, Honeyblood's debut album, but  it's just around the corner now. Next week see's the release of the self titled debut and so this week, get acquainted with the excellent new single, “(I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here”. The track finds Honeyblood doing what they do best, dark, shadowy, richly textured guitar pop loaded with killer harmonies and infectious melodies. You'd be hard pressed to find a better bunch of songs this month than the band's new album. In the meantime, spend some time on repeat with the new single. Highest recommendation.

Kaleidocycle II

"Kaleidocycle II" by Cloud Seeding // Kaleidocycle II - Single (Free Download via Soundcloud)

It’s not often that we get to hear new sounds from Kevin Serra's excellent experimental pop project, Cloud Seeding. Luckily, the music stars have aligned for a new track (and a free download) this summer to give your daily soundtrack a little more shimmering widescreen cinematic shoegaze beauty. “Kaleidocycle II” is just that, a stellar piece of instrumental bliss pop that is part hypnotic daydream, part otherworldly glimmering lullaby. Take a minute and grab this special audio treat, as it’s worth spending plenty of time within. 

Our Town

"Our Town" by Lost Film // Our Town - Single (Available Now via Bandcamp)

In the event that you’re looking for that song to get lost inside of for a while, I’ve got you covered for today. “Our Town” by Lost Film is just the sort of warm and dreamy gem in which you’re looking. Jimmy Hewitt, formerly of lovely dream pop project, Orca Orca, is the man behind Lost Film’s sweetly melancholic beauty, and as if his previous band’s creative output was not enough, “Our Town” should be just the kind of minimalist pop excellence to keep you around for whatever might be coming down the line. Highest recommendation for fans of Real Estate, Houndsds, and Saskatchewan. Grab the track now at Bandcamp for name-your-price. 

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos VI

"Atomos VI" by A Winged Victory for the Sullen // Atomos (Out 10.6.14 via Erased Tapes)

Earlier this year A Winged Victory for the Sullen released the stunning Atomos VII EP, as a sort of glimpse of their forthcoming full length that sees release this October. Now, they have released an audio sample of the finished product - the cinematic beauty, “Atomos VI”. Once again, Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran have constructed a moving, breathing mixture of neo-classical, ambient, drone, and electronics that manages to utilize the wonderful talents of both artists in a remarkably beautiful way. I suppose, the less said and the more experienced is the best way to hear the new work, so by all means, hit play. 

The Bilinda Butchers - Golden House Ft. Sarah Psalti

"Golden House (ft. Sarah Psalti)" by The Bilinda Butchers // Heaven (Out 7.15.14 via Orchid Tapes)

Last year, Sarah Psalti was the voice for one of my favorite tracks of the year ("Oostende" by Keep Shelly in Athens). This year, she sadly left her band but that hasn’t kept her from contributing to some stunning work in the form of the new album from The Bilinda Butchers. “Golden House” is the track (from the band’s forthcoming Orchid Tapes release, Heaven) the features the band’s collaboration with Psalti, and it is a positively glowing bit of dreamy electro shoegaze. The Bilinda Butchers are putting out the best work of their careers as of late and the gorgeous “Golden House” is no exception. It’s the kind of track that will stick with you long after hearing it, demanding a return to the sounds as soon as possible. 


"Girls" by Slow Magic // Girls - Single (Out Now via Downtown Records)

Slow Magic's recent signing with Downtown Records produced it’s first bit of musical fruit in the form of the new single, “Girls” from their forthcoming  full length album. It’s worth mentioning the new home because the song itself feels like a confident new step for the talented producer. “Girls” is built from a wordless vocal sample, swirling loops of dreamy guitars, and a glimmering after hours atmosphere that feels exuberant and warm, but with a fleeting air of melancholy - like closing out a dancefloor by yourself - happily, quietly, content. “Girls” is that special kind of song that you don’t realize that it has it’s hooks in you until it’s been a few days and you’re quickly wrapping up an errand or two so that you can get back to your car or walk or wherever  you can queue it back up and listen to it a handful of more times before you have to be somewhere else. 

Foxes in Fiction - Shadow's Song

"Shadow’s Song (ft. Owen Pallett)" by Foxes in Fiction // Ontario Gothic (Out 9.23.14 via Orchid Tapes)

This fall will see the release of the new Foxes in Fiction album, Ontario Gothic. Foxes in Fiction is, of course, the artistic outlet of Orchid Tapes label head, Warren Hildebrand - and the new album finds inspiration in the artist’s challenges of putting his world back together following the tragic passing of his brother in 2008. Hearing that information, you know that you’re potentially in for some darker musical journeys, but you might not be prepared for how utterly beautiful those journeys might sound. Here, on the breathtaking, “Shadow’s Song”, Hildebrand is joined by Owen Pallett and Ansel Isaac Cohen in building an ethereal masterpiece of airy vocals, melancholic strings, and lush production. There is nothing but excellence at play here and based purely off of this track, Ontario Gothic has went high on my list of must listens asap. 

LIMITED "Automation (Do You Feel)"

"Automation (Do You Feel)" by Limited // Automation  b/w Everyone Else’s Lives (Out Now via Big Love)

It’s been a little while since we heard from Alex Craig's (Big Troubles & Ducktails) dreamy synth project, Limited. Luckily, just in time for prime summer soundtracking, Craig has released the shimmering synth pop beauty, “Automation (Do You Feel)” and it’s another excellent addition to the criminally short Limited catalog. The track digs it’s heels in and unleashes a whirlwind of throbbing synth lines, twinkling keys, and crisp electro beats, all warmly swirling together as Craig sings a hook that will be lodged in your brain for days. It’s a killer track and hopefully before the end of the year, we’ll be getting a full release from Limited - because there needs to be way more of this in my life. Highest recommendation for fans of M83, Hooray for Earth, and Future Islands.

Chad VanGaalen - Where Are You (Hooray For Earth Remix)

"Where Are You (Hooray for Earth Remix)" by Chad VanGaalen // Shrink Dust (Available Now via Sub Pop)

This is a case of two favorites crashing into one another and the magic that ensues. Chad VanGaalen has always had one foot in the world of the wonderfully weird and one foot in the world of pop brilliance. Hooray For Earth inhabit a similar world that adheres to their rules of experimental pop beauty. Hearing the two together inside the walls of one song could lead you to worry that something will go off the rails at any moment, but you’d be wrong. In fact, Hooray For Earth’s reworking of VanGaalen’s wild-as-fuck album track, “Where Are You” manages to rein in the jagged edges of the original and focus that explosive energy into something altogether infectiously wonderful. Under the influence of Hooray for Earth, “Where Are You” pulsates with a vibrant energy that could pass for an otherworldy psych pop hymnal. There’s something magical about what happens here that leaves you lost in the song’s radiant atmosphere - not quite a Hooray for Earth song, but no longer VanGaalen’s lovely oddity. Definitely check this out and if you like what you hear, grab a free download by hitting the “down arrow” in the album artwork.


"Lie" by Younger Still // Lie - Single (2014)

It’s hard to beat that feeling of discovering something new and exciting. In the case of Younger Still, an excellent young band from Kent, Ohio - the discovery sort of fell into my lap (or mailbox, actually). Heading back through the tracks posted on Soundcloud, the band has a short but sweet catalog of demos that is punctuated by the stellar new single, “Lie”. The track has a lovely little mid-tempo pulse that is wrapped up in glimmering surf pop guitars and a hazy hum of dreamy textures - but it’s the infectious melody and instantly memorable vocal hook that stays stuck in your head like a warm memory of summers past. It’s a terrific sound and it’s being done with an ear for excellent songwriting, which makes Younger Still stand above a lot of the other young bands dabbling in similar sounds. Check these guys out and follow them on Tumblr and Soundcloud, because they’ve got something special and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more of that very soon. Highly recommended for fans of Craft Spells,  Big Troubles, and Beach Fossils