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"City Wrecker" by Moonface // City Wrecker EP (Out 9.16.14 via Jagjaguwar)

Following up last year’s stark, haunting Julia With Blue Jeans On LP, Spencer Krug is back with a new Moonface EP, entitled City Wrecker. The artist appears to be continuing to work in the same vein as that previous LP, as evidenced by the sound of the title track, which can be heard in the new Moonface music video. Krug has always been a tremendous songwriter and an exciting performer, but there’s something about seeing him working within the quiet space of his compositions, letting them breathe, and allowing his vocals to shine through instead of exploding forth in an energetic yelp - that just showcases what a powerful artist he has become over the years. I’m not picking one band or era of Krug’s career as a favorite, I’m just pointing out that his evolution has been exciting every step of the way and that continues in the heartbreaking “City Wrecker”


"Promises" by Ryn Weaver // Promise EP (Out Soon via Friends Keep Secrets)

Ryn Weaver has only been around for a handful of singles, but she’s managed to scrape together a pretty vocal fanbase. Of course, it’s pretty easy to see why with just one listen to her new track “Promises” (also the title of her forthcoming EP). The new single is the kind of soaring electro pop anthem that you can imagine easily sending a huge festival crowd into a mass sing along. At the same time, it would be right at home blaring out the speakers in your bedroom. It’s got crossover hit written all over it, and that’s no slight - in fact, i mean it as absolute praise. Ever since I heard her excellent cover of Joanna Newsom's “Peach, Plum, Pear” a while back, I’ve been holding out for more originals, and as of now, she is not disappointing in the least. Highly recommended for fans of White Sea, Jessie Ware, and Charli XCX.

Worries - Those Days

"Those Days" by Worries // Beko 2014 Summer Compilation (Out Now via Bandcamp and Beko)

Sometimes its hard to really find the words to convey why you should be listening to a particular song. It’s not as if the music itself is so spaced out and experimental that it lacks description, but more like sharing the feeling of discovery the way that I myself stumbled upon said song. In the case of “Those Days” by Worries - i think that you will be more satisfied hitting play and hearing the shimmering dream pop on your own. Take my word for it, It’s a total winner. Oh, and you can own it for free by swinging over to their Bandcamp page and snagging a free download. Highly recommended!

Desert Tribe

"Desert Tribe" by The High Dials // Desert Tribe EP (Out Now via Bandcamp)

Give it twenty seconds and you’ll be hooked. “Desert Tribe” by the Montreal based dream pop crew, The High Dials, is just one of those songs where all it takes is one listen to burrow into your brain and lock you down as a straight up fan. The band bridge dream pop and new wave seamlessly to create an infectious sound that will get your feet moving and your heart fluttering in equal measure. “Desert Tribe” carries a sweet romanticism that allows the song to positively soar. It’s just amazing that these guys haven’t broken through to a huge audience yet. Time will tell, i suppose - but i’m just saying that they absolutely des

Numb BatsI Want You

"I Want You" by Numb Bats // Gentle Horror (Out Now via Lolipop Records)

This weekend I found myself deep into repeated cycles of one album. It was the first time that I’d heard of them, and so there was a good deal of excitement upon finding the band. The band in question is a Phoenix/Tempe based three piece who blend the crunch and noise of grunge and garage with the hazy beauty of dream pop and psych pop. They are called Numb Bats and they are genuinely special. The band has recently released a 9 track LP through Lolipop Records and Bandcamp that is absolutely worth your time and money. Take for instance the brooding creeper, “I Want You” - loaded with ominous energy and an effortless confidence and power - Numb Bats just a hair over two minutes to create an arresting sound that feels equal parts Warpaint, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and PJ Harvey. It’s a killer sound and these three artists feel primed to explode. They might just be your new favorite band. Highest recommendation. 


"Adorn" by You’ll Never Get to Heaven // Adorn - EP (Out Now via Mystic Roses)

In trying to make up for missed gems from earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to recently stumble upon this haunting beauty from back in March. London, Ontario’s dreamy ambient pop duo, You’ll Never Get to Heaven is the team behind the stunning EP, Adorn. It’s that title track that latched onto my brain and wouldn’t let go, but it’s in wonderful company, as there is not a sour track in the collection. “Adorn” is a ghostly, dream pop lullaby built from glimmering guitars and crackling atmospherics that sound borrowed from a haunted house, but it’s by no means ominous, as Alice Hansen’s ethereal vocals pull you deeper into the dream. Imagine Chromatics with a hint of Lali Puna and you’re almost there. It’s difficult to capture what makes the formula so exceptional, but you don’t need to know to fall in love with everything about it. Highest recommendation. 

Beach Day - BFFs

"BFFs" by Beach Day // Native Echoes (Out 8.19.14 via Kanine Records)

Well, if you’re looking for dreamy, laid back guitar pop to get you through the dog days of summer, Beach Day has you covered. The duo behind Beach Day also seem to be growing with every release. They’ve always had a special way with melody, but the new material feels expansive, warm, and lived in. There is growth in everything from the production to the harmonies, but that’s not to say that they still don’t sound up close and personal. It’s really wonderful to hear the band’s nostalgic pop sound expanded and explored, and they are absolutely game. In a few weeks, their new album “Native Echoes” drops from Kanine Records and with songs like the sweetly woozy “BFFs” on hand, Beach Day feel primed for a well deserved blow up. Highly recommended. 

Golden Hair

"Golden Hair" by Balms // Golden Hair - Single (2014)

We’re deep into Summer, so naturally I’m looking for every opportunity imaginable to listen to songs that take to a more autumnal state. A couple of lucky clicks on Bandcamp landed me at the perfect song to help with my dilemma - “Golden Hair” by San Francisco shoegazers, Balms. “Golden Hair” is a gorgeous, dreamy slice of glimmering shoegaze. Crashing drums and layers of cascading guitars move together with dreamy vocals to build a haunting atmospheric gem. It’s the kind of song that feels like summer’s ending. Those golden-hued evenings fading faster with each passing day, and with a beauty like “Golden Hair” soundtracking your nights, you’re not likely to miss them in the least. Highly recommended for fans of Film School, The Bilinda Butchers, and The Radio Dept


"Roxanne" by Main Beach // Roxanne - Single (Available Now via Bandcamp)

It’s kind of useless to try and explain the draw of a band like Sydney’s Main Beach. It’s just so easy to love. A pretty melody and an infectious hook laid over dreamy beach pop guitars. What’s not to love? I get that it’s not kicking the doors down and demanding your attention in some aggressive grab at being important, but that’s the beauty of Main Beach. They are able to capture the halcyon days of young adulthood in a four minute summer pop gem that feels romantic and hazy and chill. It’s just great music for quiet times. 

Evil is Always One Step Behind

"Evil is Always One Step Behind" // by Pale Seas // Places to Haunt (Out 8.11.14 via Native Pop)

The first single from the forthcoming Pale Seas EP, Places to Haunt, was released recently, but you can now stream the entire collection via Soundcloud. Even better news is that one of the best songs of the past several months can be found on that EP, in the form of the haunting, mesmerizing 7 minute stunner, “Evil is Always One Step Behind”. Pale Seas have been on my radar for a while now, and I’ve loved everything that they’ve released (including earlier versions of this song) but with this track, they step into a whole new light. No longer a young band with some great songs, this is a great band with an extremely bright future ahead of them. I can’t wait to hear what happens next, but in the meantime, i’m content to spend several months randomly listening to “Evil is Always One Step Behind” on repeat. 

*Check out the video for “Evil is Always One Step Behind”

Beneath The Air

"Beneath The Air" by Absolutely Free // Absolutely Free (Out 10.14.14 via Lefse Records)

It’s pretty great when you hear something that just sounds like a discovery. Not necessarily that it’s the first time that you’ve even heard a particular band or artist, but that time when you were forced to take notice. Hearing the first official single from Absolutely Free's forthcoming self-titled debut has that feeling. It's a song permeating warm energy that feels like it is positively free from gravity. From the gently propulsive drum loop to the twinkling synths to the hypnotic underlying percussion and onto the gorgeous light as air vocals, there is not a misplaced note to be heard. If I wasn't giving Absolutely Free my full attention before, “Beneath the Air” locked it down for the foreseeable future. 


"Iroquois" by Cemeteries // Track & Field Summer Compilation Vol. 1 (Out 7.29.14 via Track and Field Records)

It’s been a pretty great summer (so far) for random one off singles and pre-release promos. The result usually finds me adding another name to my list of anticipated releases. When it comes to Cemeteries, it’s a name that stays on top of the list. Kyle J. Reigle’s haunting dream pop project is currently do for a new full length sometime in the next few months (release date TBD). In the meantime, Reigle’s contribution to the forthcoming Summer compilation from Track & Field records is here to satiate that hunger/anticipation. “Iroquois” finds the artist expanding and exploring new areas of his sound. There’s an ominous urgency here that calls to mind the earlier post-punk days of The Cure, but at the same time “Iroquois” feels one hundred percent like Cemeteries - which is always a good thing. In a very short amount of time, Reigle’s work has developed into a signature that feels wholly his own. When I look around at other bands exploring dream pop and shoegaze sounds, no one is doing it like Cemeteries. There’s an eerily beautiful atmosphere hovering over these tracks, that feels cinematic and alive in a way that very few artists are capturing these days, and it’s just one more reason to be excited for whatever is coming down the line from Cemeteries. 

Be sure to check out volume one of the Track & Field Summer Compilation, for this and many other tracks from up and coming artists. Of course, be sure to keep an eye peeled for that sophomore release from Cemeteries later this year. Highest possible recommendation. 

When I Was Dead

"When I Was Dead" by Corduroy Capes // Winter EP (Out Now via Bandcamp)

In trying to play catch up with all of the new music that I should be listening to - I keep getting sucked in by great tunes that end up absorbing hours of my day. One of my recent obsessions is Toronto’s Corduroy Capes (Brian Vendiola) and his new EP, Winter. It’s only three tracks deep, but Vendiola makes excellent use of his time. The centerpiece is “When I Was Dead”, an autumnal bit of dream pop that has post punk blood coursing through it’s veins. It’s a woozy sort of beauty that genuinely feels like a dream. A chilly beat chugs forward through airy atmospherics as glimmering guitars and distant, hazy vocals provide an instantly memorable melody that you want to hear over and over again. It’s a stellar track. One of the best to come down the line in a few months. Keep an eye peeled for Corduroy Capes. This is something really incredible. Highly recommended for fans of Prince Innocence, The Snow, and Minks.


"Dead and Buried" by Main Beach // Dead and Buried - Single (Out Now // Free Download via Bandcamp)

You know that feeling that you get when you hear a song and you just know that you’re going to spend a lot of time listening to it on repeat? I had that feeling immediately upon hearing “Dead and Buried” from Sydney’s Main Beach. For four minutes you are transported to that place where nostalgia meets reality - the end of a perfect summer before heading back to school, or that place where that crush you’ve harbored for months transitions to somethign serious and there’s no going back. It’s that sort of youthful nostalgia that permeates throughout every note of “Dead and Buried”. On face value, it could as well just be a laid back summer beach jam, but there’s a faded beauty to it that feels more melancholic than triumphant. It’s a killer track and one that you can grab for free at Bandcamp right now. Highly recommended for fans of Ducktails, Seapony, and Sea Lions.


"Gigondas" by Anilore // Dead Love’s Grave (Out Now via Bandcamp)

Sometimes it’s just hard to hear all of the wonderful things that are waiting for hungry ears. Luckily, i’ve managed to squirrel away a little time catch up as of late, and finding things like the new album from New York shoegazers, Anilore, makes it worth while. “Gigondas” is one of the many highlights to be found on Anilore’s new album, Dead Love’s Grave. It’s the kind of sound that wraps itself around you in an ethereal haze. The kind of song that sounds like it was designed to soundtrack a quiet walk home on a chilly autumn night. There is an otherworldly atmosphere wrapped throughout that calls to mind the strange beauty of past acts like This Mortal Coil while also tapping into the lonely, heartbreaking chamber pop of contemporaries like Gem Club. There’s a lot to love here and a lot in which to lose yourself. You can stream the whole, wonderful album at Bandcamp right now. Highly recommended.