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Warm Speakers - Youth

"Youth" by Warm Speakers // TBD (2012)

I’ve been digging the sounds made by Warm Speakers since Danceyrselfclean recommended them to me in early summer. This new taste from the from the as yet unnamed forthcoming album brings with it a slew of new sounds. Where as previously the band played with layers of chilled synths and came up with some exciting takes on the chillwave genre, now they seem to be maturing into full band territory and the results come off sounding a little bit like one of my favorite bands of the early 00’s, The Beta Band. This to me is very exciting. Perhaps The organic folk meets electro sounds of The Beta Band are an influence this time around, or perhaps it’s just the similar vocal stylings, then again, perhaps its The Smiths because that use of album cover surely can’t be a coincidence. Whatever the case, it’s a fantastic and exciting new direction and you can download it for free from Bandcamp

(download) "Youth" by Warm Speakers (via Bandcamp)

(via danceyrselfclean)