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Perfect Midnight Radio // Ep.4


This month’s episode of Perfect|Midnight|Radio is arriving a little later than planned, so I’ve switched things up a bit to get it in place sooner rather than later. This time around we’re going for one extended episode instead of two hour long pieces. Same rules apply as always, a collection of mostly new mixed with some favorites of years gone by, curated to compliment each other and encourage discovery. This month’s mix is especially exciting as this summer has been particularly great for new dream pop, shoegaze, and psych pop. . Hopefully, the selections succeed in offering a comfortable contrast to the impending dog days of summer. The sounds of this longplay dreamwave lullaby might be just the sound to cool your after hours.  As always, you can stream from Soundcloud, or download as a standalone mp3 mixtape to take on the go. 

Please feel free to share and I encourage you to seek out the artists that catch your attention - they might be your new favorite band. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

EPISODE 4 TRACKLIST: (Stream) // (Download MP3 via Soundcloud)

* Perfect|Midnight|Radio EP. 4 (Stream/Download)

**Please support the artists that you find and enjoy. Buy their music, merchandise and tickets to see their shows. Only use these mixtapes as a guide to find something to throw your (financial and emotional) support behind.


"Bodies" by Pale Seas // "My Own Mind" b/w "Bodies" (2012)

The new Pale Seas single, “My Own Mind” comes backed with the b-side “Bodies”, which has been on repeat in my head for the better part of the past few days. Fans of the band will immediately recognize the band’s lovely acoustic dream pop sound, but something just clicks on “Bodies”, and I find myself clicking over from “fan” to “mildly obsessed”. The jangly guitars and gorgeous harmonies are front and center, but it’s that melancholic melody that just demands multiple replays. It’s like The Sundays and The New Pornographers melodic sensibilities fused with Real Estate and “Bodies” came out. Okay, maybe i’m reaching - it’s just an absolutely stupendous bit of dreamy folk pop. Highest possible recommendation for fans of Real Estate and Memoryhouse