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Call My Name

"Call My Name" by Haerts // TBD (2014 via Columbia)

Haerts are hitting me right in the sweet spot with this new track. “Call My Name” is a track that is more than likely set to appear on the band’s forthcoming debut LP, but it’s now streaming on the band’s Soundcloud and you should be hitting play. Growing up in the 80’s, I developed a love for the ballads of the era, so it’s with great pleasure that I hear bands filtering that brand of deeply melodic, soft pop through modern music. “Call My Name” is a lovely track, with a hazy, breathy 10cc style atmosphere, laid against gorgeous Fleetwood Mac-like harmonies. It’s one of those tracks I think that I’ll have on repeat late at night for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended. 

"Silent All These Years" by Twin Shadow // Originally by Tori Amos (Under the CVRS 3)

George Lewis of Twin Shadow is continuing his new Youtube series, Under the CVRS, with a pretty cover of the classic Tori Amos track, “Silent All These Years”. George has already done stellar versions of 10cc's “I'm Not in Love” and Springsteen's “I'm On Fire”, so it’s not surprising that he tackle another slow burn ballad - in fact, this latest might be his best yet. That’s hard to say, though as he’s yet to misstep. The track is once again accompanied by high contrast video of the artist performing. Definitely good stuff. 

Twin ShadowI'm On Fire

"I’m On Fire" by Twin Shadow // Originally by Bruce Springsteen (2013 // Under The CVRS)

As promised, Twin Shadow is back with another track for his "UNDER THE CVRS" series on YouTube, this time covering Bruce Springsteen classic, "I’m On Fire". Whereas last time, the artist turned in a relatively faithful cover of the 10cc proto-chillwave gem, “I’m Not in Love”, this time around he strips the Springsteen track down to nothing, before bringing in a simple electro-beat, and some haunting synth flourishes to back up his hushed vocals. It reminds me of what a “Protection” era Massive Attack might sound like covering the Springsteens hit. It’s a pretty cool take on an iconic classic, and one that shows that this new UNDER THE CVRS series is going to be a whole lot more than just simple reinterpretations. Check out the video at Twin Shadow’s YouTube page

"I’m Not in Love" by Twin Shadow // Under the Cvrs (Originally by 10cc)

George Lewis of Twin Shadow is embarking on a new venture called “Under the Cvrs”, in which he’ll be recording cover songs that have been requested through Facebook and Twitter. The first in the series is an aching, acoustic take on the classic 10cc track, “I’m Not in Love”. The cover is pretty faithful to the original as the soft, melancholic delivery eventually gives way to a haunting, distorted outro with crackling static and warped vocals crashing into each other, creating a dreamy lullaby of dissonant noise and airy atmospherics.