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"Air Brain" by Princess Reason // Princess Reason (Now Available via Tricot Records & Bandcamp)

I recently featured a song from the Maryland based lo-fi band, Princess Reason entitled  "Always Pretty". In the couple of months since I first heard that track, I’ve played it every day - several times a day - without fail. The EP that contains the track (also called “Always Pretty”) is one of the best EPs that I’ve heard this year, by far. It’s charm built from infectious melodies strung through melancholic, stripped down lo-fi indie rock. It’s a band doing it’s thing very well, and relying on songcraft above bells and whistles - and it works like gangbusters. Here, a few months on, I now have another collection from the band, this time in the form of their full length, self-titled release. Once again, Princess Reason brings a collection of gorgeous melodies to a sound that has a throwback to the halcyon days of indie rock, but the intimate and often somber tracks carry a charm all their own. “Air Brain” is one of the tracks that jumped out at me first, with it’s hazy vocals, just above a whisper, floating over a simple but extremely effective guitar line. It’s the kind of song that sounds better perfect through headphones on an overcast day. It’s not to say that Princess Reason traffics in misery - not at all actually. The lo-fi aesthetic just plays well to a quiet, yet lovely sound that calls to mind the melancholic side of Bradford Cox's demo work as well as the early albums of Elliott Smith and even the first couple of albums from Coma Cinema. Of course, offering comparisons is not going to do anyone any good, when you should just be pressing play and falling in love with the work of an exciting band capable of doing some amazing things with minimal production. Highest recommendation.