Thom YorkeHoney Pot

"Honey Pot" by Thom Yorke // KCRW DJ Set (2013)

While visiting KCRW with Nigel Godrich to spin records and promote the new Atoms for Peace record, Thom Yorke dropped this beautiful little nugget into the mix. The track, which started as a remix of “All I Need” (from the brilliant, “In Rainbows”), morphed into an entirely new track entitled “Honey Pot”. Yorke talks over the track a couple of times, but that’s just fine - it’s an incredible listen, even in a rough form. This new semi-Radiohead jam is a dreamy, mid-tempo electro-hued beauty that features twinkling textures floating over a slightly foreboding ambient hum that sways in and out of a programmed beat and warped vocal samples of Yorke that eventually build to a short, but sweet bit of a vocal performance. It’s a fantastic treat and one that hopefully arrives soon in a non-radio rip release. Highest recommendation.