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"Always Pretty" by Princess Reason // Always Pretty EP (Out Now via Bandcamp // Tricot Records)

Sometimes you hear a song and you’re an immediate fan. Before yesterday, I had actually never heard Princess Reason. I’ve now absorbed and live in each song on the band’s Bandcamp page, on repeat, for the past twenty-four hours. The College Park, Maryland based band manages to tap into something nostalgic and melancholic, but fresh and exciting with each track. They create sweetly melodic, lo-fi, indie rock tracks that are layered in the textures of the recording. The occasional hiss or hum that would otherwise be wiped clean in pro-tools, remains - floating among jangly guitar riffs and dreamy melodies. You can presently grab the “Always Pretty EP” (as well as three other singles) for a name-your-own-price fee over at Bandcamp. Here is the title track to that EP, a gentle, laid back beauty for a chilled-air night at the start of summer. This is a must listen for fans of Bradford Cox's quieter moments as Atlas Sound, Coma Cinema, or Yuck. Highest possible recommendation.