Beaches - Send Them Away

"Send Them Away" by Beaches // She Beats (Out 5.3.13 via Chapter Music)

The last time that we heard from Melbourne’s Beaches, they were taking us on a swirling psychedelic trip through a shoegaze dream on "Distance". This time around, the band is back with another track from their forthcoming album, “She Beats” (Out May 3rd on Chapter) - this time, the breezy, summery, garage pop gem, “Send Them Away”. In just two track, Beaches have launched themselves to the top of my must-hear list by created confident, infectious pop songs wrapped in layers of textural gold. The band seems to effortlessly draw from psych pop, shoegaze, garage rock, dream pop, and anything else that seems to fit the bill when needed and that in turns makes everything that they do an exciting and rewarding listen. Definitely check out “Send Them Away” and try to imagine how great it’s going to sound blaring out of car speakers as you make your through a summer’s night under a warm, dark sky. Highest recommendation for fans of The Fresh and Onlys, Dum Dum Girls, and Tamaryn.