Kids On A Crime Spree - Creep The Creeps

"Creep the Creeps" by Kids on a Crime Spree // "Creep the Creeps" b/w "New Ex-Boyfriend" (Out 4.9.13 via Slumberland)

It’s been a couple of years since the fuzzy excellence of Kids on a Crime Spree's “We Love You So Bad”. In that time, there's been no shortage of bands mining similar lo-fi, “wall-of-sound” style noise pop , but they can't all be as charming and deliriously catchy as Kids on a Crime Spree. “Creep the Creeps” is a new single from the band that finds them reaching absurd levels of infectiousness through a driving beat, power pop guitars and a hook that seems to be born to make you hit the “repeat” button. Highly recommended.