Gospel Gossip4th of July

"4th of July" by Gospel Gossip // Gospel Gossip (Out Now via Old Blackberry Way)

Minneapolis based shoegazers, Gospel Gossip, have recently released a new album of beautiful noise pop, shoegaze, and psychedelic dream pop. The album is loaded front to back with slow burning gems that take their time building into ethereal walls of sound. Take this track, “4th of July” - the leadoff track for the self-titled album - as a prime example of the excellence that awaits. “4th of July” starts out quietly with a hazy, atmospheric layer of noise hovering just below the pretty vocals, soon the layers of guitars fall into place, before an ice shelf of guitar distortion cracks off and sends the whole track blasting into a spaced out shoegaze heaven. It’s a stunning, beautiful track that signals the start of something truly special. Highest recommendation.