A Grave With No NameThe Outdoor Type (The Lemonheads Cover)

"The Outdoor Type" by A Grave With No Name // The Outdoor Type (2013)

Having always had a soft spot for The Lemonheads, I will always check out when someone drops a cover of the band’s work. This time around, I’m pleased to hear the cover coming from UK based lo-fi artist Alex Shields' band, A Grave With No Name. If you’re unfamiliar with AGWNN, they released the gorgeous, sparse 2011 album, "Lower", which was released on Daniel Blumberg’s (Yuck) label, Boiled Egg. Here, on this pretty, jangly cover of “The Outdoor Type”, you finally get the sense of what Shields’ work will sound like with a full fleshed out band, and it’s something pretty wonderful. Calling back to the alternative era of the original’s release, you get a worn-in, warm alt-country sound that feels like a fresh idea after all of these years away. Highly recommended. Click on over to AGWNN’s Soundcloud page for a download of the track.