Dog Bite - Would Be

"Would Be" by Dog Bite // Toro Y Moi & Dog Bite Split (2013 via Carpark Records)

"Velvet Changes" by Dog Bite is one of my favorite releases, thus far in  2013. The man behind the record, Phil Jones (also, keyboardist for Washed Out), manages to create an album of darkly romantic sounds that sway from shoegaze to psych pop onto dream pop. The real joy in the album comes from the timeless vibe that is weaved throughout, allowing the album to feel sort of detached from any specific scene at any given time. Some tracks sound like they could have been found on an episode of 120 Minutes from 1989, and others sound like they’re currently blasting out of the speakers at the coolest new wave bar in town (what? your town doesn’t have a new wave bar?). The result is an intensely engaging listen that immediately leaves you wanting more. Luckily, the recent tour between Dog Bite and Toro Y Moi, produced a split 7” with a new track to satiate that appetite. “Would Be” is that track and if you’re unfamiliar with Dog Bite, then this is a perfect place to start - with it’s gloomy romanticism and lovely post punk ballad sound, it’s yet another reason why you should be listening to this band. Highly recommended.