"Honeybear" by Gleemer // Death Sky, Soft Eye (2013)

Gleemer is Brooklyn based musican, Corey Coffman's bedroom shoegaze project. The story so far goes that Coffman used his free time late night after working at Brooklyn's Atlantic Sound Studios to take advantage of the free studio time, which in turn developed into the gorgeous Death Sky, Soft Eye (available NOW for FREE at Bandcamp. The album ranges from widescreen, cinematic shoegaze to intimate bedroom pop beauties, like this one - “Honeybear”. On “Honeybear”, Coffman creates a haunting, dream pop lullaby that sounds equal parts m and Youth Lagoon, which is a combo that I didn’t realize that I was longing for, until I heard this magical treat. This is an artist to watch and he’s given us all an easy start, by offering up this special album for no cost. Highest recommendation. 

(download) "Death Sky, Soft Eye" by Gleemer (free via Bandcamp)