How to Dress Well - "Cold Nites (Charli XCX Remix)"

"Cold Nites (Charli XCX Remix)" by How to Dress Well // Super Ultra Mixtape (2012)

As if there was any doubt that Charli XCX is someone to watch out for - here she manages to take one of the best songs of the year and revamps it into a beast that could be arguably better than the original. How to Dress Well is one of my favorite artists in the world right now and his soul stirring work on his new album Total Loss is some of the best music released this year, so to hear anyone stand up do that work justice in a remix or cover is something special. Here, Charli XCX takes the haunting R&B ballad, “Cold Nites” and layers on some electronic atmospherics that cast a dark, eerie shadow over the track that is further reinforced when Charli herself drops in to lay down some staggeringly good verses about a relationship in the midst of collapse. It’s a fucking killer remix of a straight up excellent jam, so there are no complaints here. If this is the direction that Charli XCX is heading, then let her please drop a full length as soon as possible because pop music needs this girl to become a megastar.