I Am The Only One

"I Am The Only One" by Blue Boats // Soundcloud Demo (2012)

It’s been a few months since I last checked in with bedroom pop artist, Blue Boats, but a recent update to his Soundcloud page shows Oliver Gale back at making music that reminds me of just how much I enjoyed his first release, "Summers Down" b/w "Sun Burns". Here, we’ve only got a new demo, but it’s a lovely and intriguing thing all it’s own. Immediately, i’m taken by how strong the vocals are on this one - especially the harmonies - but there’s also something sweet and melancholic about this track that feels more fleshed out and lived in than last time, despite being labeled as a “demo”. In a year in which dream pop and bedroom pop has made a pretty notable rise, it’s especially wonderful to hear something so fresh and exciting from a new artist who’s not content to just rely on pretty shimmering guitars and hushed vocals. There’s something bigger at play here and I’m definitely excited to hear what Gale has in store next for Blue Boats. As for “I Am The Only One”, it’s a fantastic track. Highest recommendation.