Incan Abraham - Springhouse

"Springhouse" by Incan Abraham // Springhouse 10” (Out 11.27.12 via JAXART)

New music can brighten and inspire, or just be used as the salve needed to repair some broken brains. Today, that salve is coming in the form of “Springhouse” by Incan Abraham. How a young band drops something so stunning is always a shock to me, but there it is for all to hear. A hypnotic psych pop synth line (think Sun Airway) instantly grabs the attention, but it’s immediately diverted to the powerful, focused vocals (think Grizzly Bear) and then comes the layers of soaring harmonies, explosive guitars and rhythmic percussion. It’s a killer sound that feels huge, but sounds like it could be emanating from the next bedroom over. It’s a fantastic track. Highest recommendation.