Cloud Seeding "The Light" (feat. Nadine Carina)

"The Light (Feat. Nadine Carina)" by Cloud Seeding // The Light /Single/ (2012)

It’s been a little while since I’ve heard new music from Cloud Seeding, but that’s luckily came to an end with the release of the new single, “The Light”, which features vocals and keyboards from Swiss artist, Nadine Carina. Previously, the band has worked with other vocalists (Marissa Nadler and Greg Hatem) to excellent effect, but here something just clicks - the otherwordly beauty of Carina’s voice connects perfectly with the dark, hypnotic beat creating something as haunting as it is pretty. Highest recommendation for fans of Ombre, Widowspeak, and Marissa Nadler. 

(purchase) "The Light (feat. Nadine Carina)" by Cloud Seeding (via Bandcamp)