crystal tears

"Crystal Tears" by The Bilinda Butchers // Goodbyes (2012)

San Francisco’s The Bilinda Butchers have been around for a couple of years now, producing a chill, electro tinged dream pop. On their new EP, “Goodbyes”, you get some more of that particular sound, but you also get something a little out of the ordinary in the form of “Crystal Tears” which plays out like a Washed Out meets M83 style electro-shoegaze dance track. The synths surge in and out over a steady dance beat and ominous guitars. The distant, hazy vocals are a nice tough, especially when the harmonies kick in. As much as I love hearing their dream pop sounds, I must say that I really enjoy the hell out of this more aggressive, synth pop sound. You can actually grab the entire EP now at Bandcamp at a Name-Your-Price fee. Highly recommended. 

(stream and downloat) "Goodbyes" by The Bilinda Butchers