Fresh & Onlys - Presence Of Mind

"Presence of Mind" by The Fresh & Onlys // Long Slow Dance (Out 9.4.12 on Mexican Summer)

The Fresh & Onlys have managed to creep into my daily routine without me ever really noticing. Not a day goes by that at some point I don’t find myself listening to one of their choice gems, or if luck strikes that day, a new track. As luck would have it, the band is gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album, “Long Slow Dance”, and so the advance tracks have been trickling out. Oddly, each new song feels like a band transformed. No longer relying on garage rock stompers, they seem to be flowing effortlessly from dream pop sounds to jangly beach pop and psychedelic and back again. Here, on “Presence of Mind”, they even give Real Estate a run for their money on laid back sun bleached nostalgia pop. I can’t wait to hear what else awaits on “Long Slow Dance”.