All The Bros Say

"All the Bros Say" by Abadabad // The Wild EP (Out 9.11.12)

Abadabad is a band that have existed just on the outside of solid recognition for the better part of a year thanks to their excellent work on tracks like “Park Slope (I’m Sorry)" and "Indiana”, but now that seems like it’s about to change with the forthcoming release of their new EP, “The Wild” and the killer lead single, “All the Bros Say”. The single has a laid back groove that feels not unlike Real Estate by way of Vampire Weekend, complete with sunny shimmering guitars and an absolutely irresistible chorus that immediately embeds itself into your head. Without a doubt you’ll be humming this one to yourself for the remainder of the summer. It’s one of those perfect songs for the tail end of summer, when the sun is about to fade out and everything has a fleeting air of nostalgia. Highest recommendation for fans of Givers, Real Estate, and Vampire Weekend.