Come Home (Extended Version)

"Come Home (Extended Version)" by HEHFU // Demos (2012 // via Soundcloud)

One of my favorite things about Soundcloud is being able to hear the progression of an artist whose willing to share the journey of demos and recordings and scrapping and starting all over again. It’s an interesting evolution that a song takes on it’s way to being a finished product. Bradley Clarke, who records under the name HEHFU, is such an artist who documents some of his recordings on Soundcloud as he progresses toward a “finished” product. His brand of fuzzed up bedroom pop might work better in that scenario than some, but it’s still absolutely worth following the process. Here, on the “Extended Version” of “Come Home” (which still runs under three minutes), you can feel the material start to really gel, and despite being unmastered, you can feel something special within that quick runtime. The dreamy noise pop that’s available here calls to mind sounds by Minks, Idlewild and Asobi Seksu - and continuing towards that style of music is definitely a reason to stick around. Definitely recommended.