Eternal SummersWonder

"Wonder" by Eternal Summers // Correct Behavior (Out 7.24.12 on Kanine)

Another new track from Eternal Summers forthcoming album has made it’s way to the internet (courtesy of P4K) and it’s absolutely another winner. This time around “Wonder” finds the band burning through a driving beat with a killer guitar line, and turning out a genuinely muscular power pop jam. The great thing about it, is that there has been a genuine lack of female lead rock music as of late, and Eternal Summers are starting to remind me of bands like Sleater-Kinney, Rainer Maria and That Dog, more than some of the lo-fi dream pop influences that I felt on earlier work. Of course, I could be totally wrong about that and making more out of the fast jam than I should, point is - it’s a great fucking track and further reason to be excited for the forthcoming release of “Correct Behavior” .