Craft SpellsLeave My Shadow

"Leave My Shadow" by Craft Spells // Gallery EP (2012)

Craft Spells have a nostalgic warmth to their sound that recalls the days of Cocteau Twins, Pale Saints, and (Power, Corruption, & Lies-era) New Order. They also have this special way of sounding absolutely of the moment. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the large influx of bands who draw inspiration from the dawning days of the dream pop sound, but I must say, of those bands doing it really well, Craft Spells are right up there at the top. Like Beach Fossils, they have a knack for drawing on some obscure sounds of the past and mixing them lush melodies and inviting atmospherics. “Leave My Shadow” is a shimmering dream pop beauty that sounds like it could be taken from a 1988 episode of 120 Minutes, or lifted from some killer blog-radio playlist out of Sirius XMU from tomorrow. Absolutely highest recommendation. This is top shelf dream pop.