Little Chords - Always/Never

"Always/Never" by Little Chords // Afterlife (2012)

Now, here’s a pleasant surprise. Little Chords (Teen Daze side project) have announced the forthcoming release of a new LP (Afterlife, out March 20th on the Little Chords’ Bandcamp page) and offered up the first taste in the form of the gorgeous little dream pop number, “Always/Never”. If you’re unfamiliar with previous work by Little Chords, then you’re in for a surprise as it varies greatly from the ethereal synths of Teen Daze. Here you will fine sweet melodies and dreamy lo-fi atmospherics that feel completely detached from time. The tracks just float by and require repeat listens. Highly recommended for fans of Minks, Beach Fossils, and Wild Nothing.

(Stream) “Afterlife” by Little Chords (via Bandcamp)