Black Tambourine - What's Your Game

"What’s Your Game?" by Black Tambourine // One Two Three Four (2012) // Originally by The Ramones

Black Tambourine have brought their jangly, fuzz pop out of retirement after 21 years for an EP of covers based on the songs of The Ramones. “What’s Your Game?” is the first taste and truth be told, this feels like it could have been recorded 21 years ago. This is a band not missing a beat, and just picking right back up where they left off, with warm fuzz pop riffs and killer hooks. This track also features backing vocals from Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls, Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap, and Jenny Robbins of Honeymoon Diary. A must listen for fans of the C86 sound.

(download) “What’s Your Game?” by Black Tambourine (via Soundcloud)