Life Size MapsWeird Luck

"Weird Luck" by Life Size Maps // Weird Luck EP (2012)

Once again Bandcamp proves to be the most wonderful of online inventions. Discovering music that gives you that special feeling is always a welcome treat, but when something crosses that your path that stops you dead in your tracks and demands to be played on repeat - well, that’s the kind of sound that can make your whole week. Brooklyn’s Life Size Maps have provided my ears with one of those gems this week in the form of their absolutely infectious noise pop wonder, “Weird Luck” (available for free at Bandcamp with 2 other tracks). The magic of the track lies in the way that the cacophony of sound that greets you in the opening disseminates and forms into a killer pop melody and back into a noise pop rave up and back again. There’s a hint of melancholy in the vocals and delivery that really helps sell the track as well. The damnedest thing is that it feels entirely familiar but yet, i can’t place what i’m being reminded of when I play it for the umpteenth time. Something hits and I’m reminded of Joan of Arc's flirtation with noice pop in the early 00's, and then i'm reminded of mid 00's indie / post punk bands like Tokyo Police Club and Stars, and then out of nowhere something reminds me of Cloud Nothings output as of late. Meanwhile, there’s no reason to search out comparisons when something feels so right, it’s just a band hitting all of the right notes and locking down my attention for any and all future releases. Highest possible recommendation. 

(download) Weird Luck EP by Life Size Maps (via Bandcamp)