Mac DeMarco - Only You

"Only You" by Mac DeMarco // Rock and Roll Night Club (2012)

Mac DeMarco (formerly Makeout Videotape) of Montreal has been making some buzz for himself as of late with a signing to Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks label and also with the bandcamp release of his Rock and Roll Night Club EP (which was recorded during a bout of tonsillitis apparently) which while carrying a feeling of “don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude, also sports some well laid melodies and interesting enough stylistic shifts throughout three short songs that he has me clamoring for more. At the moment, the only release on the horizon is the Rock and Roll Night Club EP in physical format in March, but rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye peeled for what lies ahead. This is a track from the forthcoming release entitled “Only You” which sports sort of a Deerhunter meets Dirty Beaches sort of vibe. Highly recommended. 

(stream) "Rock and Roll Night Club EP" by Mac DeMarcos (via bandcamp)