"From a Cage (ft. Justin Vernon)" by Haley Bonar // Dir. Josh Quigly

I haven’t slathered nearly enough praise on Haley Bonar's brilliant album, Last War, which was released earlier this year. Seriously - it’s a stupendous piece of work that is easily among the best releases of the year. That being said, she recently released a video for the lovely album cut, “From a Cage” (one of two tracks that feature vocals from Justin Vernon), so now is as good a time as any to share some of that adoration. The hauntingly beautiful video was directed by Josh Quigly and features Bonar, a baby, and some lovely scenery (of course, there’s much more to the story). The track is pretty as all hell, but the album holds some much more powerful work. If you’re unfamiliar with the album, I recommend seeking out the title track as well as the album closer, "Eat For Free"

INHERENT VICE // dir: Paul Thomas Anderson (trailer one)

It’s not about music per se, but it does feature a score by Jonny Greenwood, narration by Joanna Newsom, and direction by the best filmmaker alive, so why not take a couple of minutes and go batshit over the first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's “Inherent Vice”

Night School - Birthday

"Birthday" by Night School // Heart Beat (Out 10.7.14 via Graveface Records)

Savannah’s Graveface Records is one of my go-to places for consistently impressive releases. The past couple of years have been damn near flawless and their next release is right up there with some of their best. Night School is a Northern California based 3 piece fronted by Lexy Morte (formerly of Whirr, Camera Shy), that gathers inspiration from 60’s girl groups, garage rock, post-punk, and shoegaze to create an incredible audio experience that’s pure gold. On first single, “Birthday”, you get fuzzed-up garage pop noise cascading off of dreamy shoegaze atmospherics, bundled together by gorgeous pop harmonies that stay in your head for days. You can certainly believe that Night School is high on my list of most anticipated released of the fall. 

Jigsaw Puzzle GlueHospital Bed

"Gutspills" by Jigsaw Puzzle Glue // Available Now via Bandcamp

Here at PMW, we’ve been big fans of the work of Seattle’s Jigsaw Puzzle Glue (solo dreamwave project of Leah Rosen, also of Tender Bats). Over the year, she’s been posting her album progress through Soundcloud, and now you can grab all of those demos in one place as the artist preps the final stages of the album release. it’s a collection of gorgeous & ethereal dreamwave that won’t disappoint. Check them out now at Bandcamp.


Hey hey, I just released a collection of demos in album form on bandcamp! I hope ya’ll like it :) Gutspills by Jigsaw Puzzle Glue

(via jigsawpuzzleglue)

Perfect Midnight Radio // Episode 5


It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been able to put things together and get back in the mixtape game. The drought is over and it’s time to find a new soundtrack for autumn. For episode five, i’ve stuck with a single 90 minute collection of mostly new material, peppered with an occasional forgotten gem. Being the first PMW mixtape of fall 2014, I’ve tried to source out tracks that fit with the season - slowly shifting toward darker, complex sounds that highlight the long, crisp evenings of the season, and on into the extended nights out under cold blue stars. This is your dream pop lullaby for the opening days of Autumn.

As always, you can stream from Soundcloud - as well as download a single longplay mp3 to take with you. Please feel free to share and I encourage you to seek out the artists that catch your attention - they might be your new favorite band. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

EPISODE 5 TRACKLIST (Stream) // (Download MP3 via Soundcloud)

* Perfect|Midnight|Radio // Ep. 5 (Stream / Download)

**Please support the artists that you find and enjoy. Buy their music, merchandise and tickets to see their shows. Only use these mixtapes as a guide to find something to throw your (financial and emotional) support behind.

Thom Yorke - Guess Again!

"Guess Again!" by Thom Yorke // Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes (Out Now via Self Released)

So, I’ve never made any qualms about saying that Radiohead is and has been my favorite band for twenty years now. It’s an easy choice. I know that it’s a common choice, but I can’t help it. That being said, the last two albums that Thom Yorke has fronted (The King of Limbs & AMOK by Atoms for Peace) haven’t exactly blown my hair back. There’s certainly a lot to love, but there are also bumps along the way that keep them from standing side by side with The Eraser or any of the Radiohead material. Then the big news of the day washes in and Yorke drops a new album of solo material that makes me geek out like it was seven years ago when In Rainbows dropped with very little notice. The new album, “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes" may contain material from over time, but it feels as crisp and fresh as the most exciting of his releases. After making my way through the album, I can’t say a bad thing about it. Naturally, it’s going to get some serious plays this autumn, but as of right now - I’m stunned by how much I love it. "Guess Again!" is an immediate stand out, and a great representation of the haunting, atmospheric work that awaits on Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. Give it a listen, then listen to the album about fifteen times, and hopefully, you’ll be half as excited as I am. Buy the album, and assorted other goodies from Yorke’s new site.

this evening, the internet is absurdly slow for some reason. I’ve got some mixtapes to post (as well as the list of 100 favorite songs of PMW’s history), but they’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry for being lame this week with the lack of posts. I’ll be better tomorrow. Or soon-ish.

Be good!


03 - Paws - Stop Breathin' (Pavement cover)

"Stop Breathin’" by Paws // Jam Kids: 20 Years Since “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” (Out 9.27.14 via Art is Hard Records)

In a couple of days, the British record label, Art is Hard, will be releasing a track for track cover of Pavement's brilliant Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, entitled Jam Kids. The release is a special event for Cassette Store Day. As it happens, my favorite Pavement song is on Crooked Rain, and of all of the stellar artists taking part in Jam Kids, my favorite the excellent band, Paws, is taking on the task of covering said song. Usually, that sort of pressure scares me and pushes me to not listen at all, but hearing Paws take on the stunning “Stop Breathin’”, I am comfortable is saying that the track is in good hands. Paws maintains the original’s melancholic slow burn, but instead of Malkmus’s drifting, somber delivery, Philip Taylor’s delivery comes as a cathartic sing along (side note: Taylor was only 4 years old when Crooked Rain came out so bonus points for Paws taking part at all) . Not that it hurts the song, it’s just a different vibe. All things said, it’s a great take on an underrated classic. 

Plastic Flowers - Now She's Gone

"Now She’s Gone" by Plastic Flowers // Outtake from LP2 Sessions (2014)

Earlier this year, Plastic Flowers released their excellent debut LP, Evergreen. Now, a little over a half year later the band is already sketching out their next LP. Anyone who’s spent a little time with Evergreen will attest that this is great news. Also great news is that the dream pop duo are sharing outtakes from the LP2 sessions on their Soundcloud page. “Now She’s Gone” is the first such outtake to find it’s way to our ears and it is right up there with the band’s best. The track gently unfolds with hushed vocals, warm and airy guitars, ghostly ambient electronic flourishes and a gentle balaeric beat - as the track builds, it never shifts to far in any one directions, just maintaining the lovely daydream for the duration of it’s three and a haalf minutes. It’s a fantastic track, like everything Plastic Flowers has done before it - and you can grab a free copy from the Soundcloud page (just hit the download button on the artwork).

Sit Still

"Sit Still" by Earthly Circuits // Fallow Medals (Out Now via Bandcamp)

This is one of those cases of a gem being right in front of your face and you not noticing. I’ve had the new album from Montreal’s Earthly Circuits sitting in my “new music” folder for a good month now, and have only this week came around to hearing the extraordinary thing. The whole album is loaded with sweet melodies and infectious rhythms, as the band manages to always find a way to bring something engaging to each track. Mixing folk and electro pop, baroque pop and dream pop - Earthly Circuits have written a wonderfully autumnal album. “Sit Still” is a terrific example of what awaits - a sweetly melodic slice of chamber pop layered with gorgeous harmonies that manages to sound slightly ominous (the choral vocals) while being natural, energetic, and alive all the same.

The Vacant Lots 'Departure'

"Departure" by The Vacant Lots // Paint This City 7” (Out Now via Sonic Cathedral)

There are plenty of times when I find myself wishing that Spacemen 3 were still churning out spaced out noise for all to hear. And while in this day and age of the reunion tour is still alive and kicking, I still won’t quite put the nail in that coffin, but in the meantime there is a place to get that sonic fix. Look no further than the current studio work of Peter Kember (Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3), who mixed and mastered the newest album by Vermont psych rockers, The Vacant Lots. On “Departure”, the b-side to the recent Vacant Lots single, “Paint This City”, you can hear the duo going deep into a world of hypnotic drones and scuzzy, spaced out guitars and coming up with an ominous world of noise that would feel right at home on a mixtape next to Spacemen 3, Primal Scream, or The Jesus and Mary Chain


"Curse" by Nomenclatures // Nomenclatures’ Soundcloud (2014)

As Autumn officially slides into place, my brain goes into overdrive trying to create a soundtrack to highlight these days. Today, I didn’t have to look too deeply into my Soundcloud stream to find something that fits the atmosphere wonderfully. “Curse” is an instrumental piece from St. Paul’s dream pop artist Nomenclatures (real name, Chris Murphy). This particular piece isn’t exactly dream pop, but it is a haunting instrumental track that sways from shadowy electronic melancholy to shimmering romantic beauty with ease. It’s a stellar track that captures the feel of a breezy overcast day lost in thought. Highly recommended for fans of Dntel, Caribou, and early Four Tet.  

THE DISSOLVE // The Movies’ 50 Greatest Pop Music Moments
Here’s a pretty solid read for fans of a well placed pop song. Of course, that should be just about everyone, but I digress. The Dissolve has put together a list of the greatest uses of pop music in film. I can’t say that I agree with all of them (maybe only half, really), but that’s the fun of these sorts of lists. Getting bent out of shape over the overlooked gems (seriously, nothing from Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, or Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation - or Marie Antoinette for that matter?) is half the fun. Check it out at The Dissolve. 

THE DISSOLVE // The Movies’ 50 Greatest Pop Music Moments

Here’s a pretty solid read for fans of a well placed pop song. Of course, that should be just about everyone, but I digress. The Dissolve has put together a list of the greatest uses of pop music in film. I can’t say that I agree with all of them (maybe only half, really), but that’s the fun of these sorts of lists. Getting bent out of shape over the overlooked gems (seriously, nothing from Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, or Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation - or Marie Antoinette for that matter?) is half the fun. Check it out at The Dissolve

Rohypnotise - Fade To Grey

"Fade to Grey" by Rohypnotise // Rohypnotise EP (Out Now via Hi Scores Recording)

Whoever said that it didn’t pay to search out the “dream pop” tag at Bandcamp, was a total fool. A little insomnia put me on that particular path recently and I found myself in contact with this absolutely incredible little track from Brooklyn by way of New Zealand artist, Luke Benge's dream pop project, Rohypnotise. There’s no reason to spend any more time not pressing play on this shimmering slice of dreamy psych pop, so just get to it and then after you’re properly floored, head over to Bandcamp to grab a free copy for yourself. If that’s not enough for you, then you can stream the full EP at Soundcloud! I’m in love. Like one of the best songs that i’ve heard in months kind of love. Highest recommendation for fans of Pale Seas, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Wild Nothing